Made To Order

Since our stocks per collection is LIMITED only and they don't get to be reproduced again, having it made to order from us would be your best option. Also, with this Made To Order service we allow our customers to customize their pieces with very minimal fee. 


1. PAYMENT FIRST POLICY to avoid cancellation of orders.

2. Make sure orders are correct. No return and refund.  Kindly give exact measurements if you are altering the original dimensions. NOTE: We will only follow the measurements you will send us.

3. Maximum of 7-10 days production. We will only begin once order is paid in full. In case there will be delays due to unforeseen events, we will inform you ahead of time. If you cannot wait patiently, you may opt to shop our on-hand items instead. We refuse to take orders of clients who cannot wait and abide by our production timeline. 


Note** Current available swatches are in the form. 

We use Mini terry fabric -- Medium thick,  Breezy /comfortable, Slightly stretchable